Gamers Unite to Make a Difference!

Relive childhood memories while positively impacting the childhoods of today’s kids in the Hi-Tech GametradersBartari Console Zone!

If you want to game-out AND make a difference at the same time, make the day a #gameday! 

Extra Life is an online grassroots movement working to save local kids through the power of play! They unite thousands of players around the world to host fundraising and gaming marathons in support of local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals such as our very own Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital

Console Zone co-sponsors Hi-Tech Gametraders and Bartari have teamed up to present this classic console area for you to get involved. If you haven’t gamed in awhile or want to share some classic video gaming with your kids, the Console Zone is the perfect place to be.

Extra Life volunteer will be hon-hand to help with the consoles and collect donations as well as provide information about their upcoming community day here in Saskatoon. 

Gaming on the consoles will be by donation, with proceeds going to Extra Life, which makes a difference in the lives of children by supporting the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital.