Pop Con YXE Policies

Before attending, make sure to read through our policies. They cover anything and everything to do with safety, harassment, entry, wristbands, accessibility and more

We will make sure our policies are upheld during your visit so that everyone in attendance will have a safe, fun environment where they can enjoy everything we have to offer. If you witness a policy violations, make sure to let our customer service know so we can handle the issue promptly. 

At Saskatoon Entertainment Expo (SEE) it’s important to us to be able to provide a safe and welcoming community for everyone. We have developed policies surrounding issues such as sexual harassment, bullying, consent, and a few other topics. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. 

Our policies apply to our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) as well. Bullying, verbal abuse, threats, spam, and any other forms of harassment will result in the user being banned from all social media channels. 

If you experience sexual harassment at the SEE, please direct yourself to our show office located in the Main Trade Hall. A member of our team will put you in touch with our trained staff member who will then assist you. You may be asked to fill out an Incident Report. 

1 Harassment, Abuse & Bullying 

1.1 Harassment Policy 

The SEE does not tolerate harassment of any type at any of its events. Harassment can take many forms. It may be, but is not limited to, words, signs, offensive jokes, cartoons, pictures, posters, e-mail jokes or statements, pranks, intimidation, physical assaults or contact, or violence. 

The SEE will investigate all reported instances of harassment or abuse, no matter how small and will strive to ensure that all perpetrators are dealt with in an appropriate manner. 

1.2 Sexual Harassment Policy 

The SEE defines sexual harassment as “comments or conduct of a sexual nature and/or abusive conduct based on gender, gender identity, sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding), or sexual orientation directed at an individual or group of individuals by a person(s) of the same or opposite sex, who knows, or ought reasonably to know, that such comments or conduct is unwelcome and/or unwanted. 

The SEE maintains a zero-tolerance policy on all matters of harassment no matter the size or scope of the infringement. 

Sexual harassment includes, but is in no way limited to; 

  • Unwelcome sexual invitations or requests; 
  • Demands for sexual favors; 
  • Unnecessary touching or patting of a person(s) body; 
  • Leering; 
  • Unwelcome and/or repeated innuendos or taunting about an individual’s gender, gender identity, sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding), or sexual orientation; 
  • Unwelcome remarks and/or verbal narrative of a sexual nature; 
  • Any and all visual displays that are openly sexual in nature that can or may be interpreted as being degrading or offensive; 
  • Threats of a sexual nature; 
  • Any form of sexual assault; 
  • Any other unwanted and/or unwarranted verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. 

1.3 Verbal & Physical Abuse 

The SEE has adopted a policy prohibiting violence of any form directed at any member of staff, whether corporate, contracted, or venue, any crew member, any guest, or any attendee. Consistent with this policy, acts or threats of physical violence, including intimidation, harassment and/or coercion, which involve or affect the SEE, their staff, contractors, or associates will not be tolerated. 

1.3.1 Verbal Abuse, Reviling and Bullying 

The SEE defines verbal abuse as the use of words and/or statements used to attack, defame, or injure an individual, or to speak falsely of an individual. Verbal abuse constitutes psychological violence under this policy. Verbal abuse, reviling, or bullying can consist of, but is in no way limited to; 

  • Unwarranted accusations; 
  • Name Calling; 
  • Withholding; 
  • Criticizing and/or judging; 
  • Discounting; 
  • Trivializing; 
  • Unwarranted ordering; 
  • Verbal abuse disguised as a joke; 
  • Undermining; 
  • Threatening; 
  • Any other unwarranted verbal attack on any person(s) that may cause them inherent psychological harm, or cause them to worry for their physical safety. 

1.3.2 Physical Abuse 

The SEE defines physical abuse as any act by an individual(s) that results in any form of non-accidental physical injury to another individual or party. Physical abuse consists of, but is in no way limited to; 

  • Striking in any manner (punching, kicking, slapping, kneeing, etc.); 
  • Strangling; 
  • Cutting, or exposing an individual to something sharp; 
  • Pushing and/or pulling; 
  • Exposing an individual to a dangerous animal; 
  • Drowning; 
  • Throwing and/or shooting any form of projectile; 
  • Use of any object to strike another individual; 
  • Withholding food and/or medication; 
  • Pinching; 
  • Exposing an individual to extreme cold or heat; 
  • Biting; 
  • Tripping; 
  • Blinding and/or eye poking; 
  • Exposing a person to any form of electric shock. 

1.4 False Accusations 

Any individual found to be making false accusations regarding sexual, physical, or verbal abuse may be held accountable and dealt with in accordance to the posted corrective procedures listed in 1.6. 

1.5 Complaint Procedure 

Any individual, or group of individuals who believe that they have been subjected to any form of harassment whether verbal, sexual, and/or physical should immediately contact any member of the SEE for further investigation and to fill out an incident report. 

1.6 Corrective Procedure 

At the conclusion of the investigation, any person found to have been in violation of any policy under article 1 may be dealt with in a manner that best interprets the seriousness of the offense. 

This may include, but is in no way limited to; 

  • Oral warning; 
  • Revocation of the Expo Pass and Wristband without Refund; 
  • Attendance ban at future shows and/or events; 
  • Immediate arrest and detention; 
  • Reporting of the offense to the appropriate authorities; 

It’s important to us that everyone who attends the convention have a welcoming, fun, and safe experience. These policies have been developed so that everyone can have a wonderful and memorable weekend. 

Management reserves the right to revoke/refuse admission to or to eject from the event/venue; any person(s) who fails to comply with the following terms and conditions of the event and all applicable laws. 

By purchasing an admission to the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo (SEE), you agree to abide and follow the terms and conditions: 

  • A daily admission or a valid wristband must be worn at all times to gain entry to SEE. Proper placement of the wristband around the wrist is necessary for admission. Wristbands pinned to clothing or costumes, or wristbands not worn on the wrist will not be accepted at the point of admission. Please consult with Event Management if wristband cannot be worn on your wrist.
  • Damaged, altered, or torn wristbands will not be accepted upon entry. 
  • Wristbands are non-transferrable to any other person, or redeemable for cash. 
  • Wristbands are only valid for the event and date(s) for which they are issued. 
  • Wristbands cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed under any circumstances. 
  • Wristband holder agrees to abide by all posted signage requesting him/her to not take photos/video in any area where it is posted as prohibited. 
  • It is prohibited to reproduce the wristband in any way. 
  • All wristbands remain the sole property of the SEE. Wristbands may be confiscated SEE staff without compensation for any reason deemed fit. 
  • Attendees are not allowed to solicit for sales of any type, nor distribute flyers, business cards, or any other item at the show without the express WRITTEN permission of the SEE. 
  • Unauthorized or unlawful resale or attempted resale is prohibited by law and is grounds for immediate seizure of the attendee’s wristband or daily admission without compensation. 
  • All guests and exhibitors consent to the use of his/her image and/or likeness by media now known, or hereafter devised for advertising, and/or any other promotional purposes as deemed fit by the SEE. 
  • No guest/patron, volunteer, or staff member without pre-approval may photograph or record any of the Celebrity Panels. Any persons identified in doing this will be ejected from the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo, including having wristband revoked. 
  • All guests assume any risk and danger of personal injury, damage to property, including death, and all other hazards arising from, or related in any way to, the event for which the wristband is issued, caused by negligence, gross negligence, or otherwise, and the guest releases and indemnifies the SEE, its employees and its agents from any and all liabilities and/or claims resulting from such risk, danger, damage, injury or death. 
  • The SEE and the staff of Prairieland reserve the right to search any person and/or their bags and items at any time at the show. Purchase of any ticket type indicates your consent to allow searches. 
  • Horseplay and Inappropriate Behavior – in conjunction with any weapon, prop, or item is strictly forbidden. Attendees found to be in contravention of this rule risk having their admission or wristband revoked immediately. 
  • Footwear – All attendees are required to wear approved footwear while at the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo. No bare feet will be allowed under any circumstances. 

Please note: The Saskatoon Entertainment Expo reserves the right to change and/or alter these terms and conditions at any time deemed necessary. 

Pop Con YXE (PCYXE) understands that cosplay is an important part of the vibrant tapestry that is nerd-culture. We want to do our part to support and nurture cosplay culture while maintaining standards of safety. If you are planning to cosplay at PCYXE, please read through these policies and familiarize yourself with them. If in doubt, contact us with questions and/or concerns. 

Introduction to the Prop and Costuming Policy 

Pop Con YXE strives to ensure that all of its staff, volunteers, and guests are provided with a safe and secure experience while attending the event. To facilitate this goal, PCYXE will make every reasonable effort to educate and enforce compliance in all areas of hazard mitigation, accident prevention, and injury prevention. PCYXE will create and enforce policy based upon this mandate. 

Pop Con YXE understands and acknowledges that a large component of the cosplay costumes requires the use of props and weaponry. We would like to continue to encourage our attendees to enjoy the cosplay experience but must also enforce terms and conditions that will ensure the safety of all staff, volunteers, and attendees. 

Props and Costume Compliance Team  

All members of The Pop Con YXE Props and Costume Compliance Team have been thoroughly educated on the policies, procedures, and mandates as outlined in this policy. It is their duty to ensure compliance of this policy is enforced through the acts of inspecting items and patrolling the venue looking for non-compliant attendees. Their role is to answer questions, give direction, and to issue and revoke peace bonds as necessary. 

All weapons, props, and items may be inspected at any time by the Props and Costume Compliance Team if an item is called into question. 

Costume Approval 

All costumes worn to Pop Con YXE are subject to approval by Event Staff. Please be mindful that the event is a family-friendly affair and there will be children on site. Any costume that is sheer or skin-tight must have appropriate coverage underneath. Certain exemptions may be made on a case by case basis. 

Please see the prohibited items list as well as the exceptions list, to ensure your costume and cosplay attire follows all of the guidelines. 

Cosplay Red Carpet Exemptions and Directives 

PCYXE understands and accepts that the need for certain props and weapons is beneficial and desirable for use in the case of the Cosplay Red Carpet. To that effect, the following exemptions and directives have been created to afford entrants the ability to use props, weapons, and items that would otherwise be deemed as prohibited at the event; 

  • All participants of the Cosplay Red Carpet are bound by the rules of the weapons policy while not specifically at the red carpet event. No exemptions will be made to allow for the use or display of any prop, weapon, or item outside of the confines of the Cosplay Red Carpet. 
  • All participants MUST present their props, weapons, or items to the Props and Costume Compliance Team at the peace bonding table PRIOR to entry to the event. 
  • All participants will be required to complete the “Peace Bond Application” form and check the box that states “This item is intended for use in the Cosplay Red Carpet”. To speed up the process it is recommended that participants download and complete this form ahead of time and bring the printed copy with their prop, weapon, or item to the peace bonding table. 
  • The prop, weapon, or item will be marked with a “Cosplay Red Carpet Peace Bond Mark” and will be entered into the weapons holding room. 
  • A member of the Props and Costume Compliance Team will bring all props, weapons, and items being held for use in the Cosplay Red Carpet event to the waiting area in the Expo Theatre one-half hour before the Cosplay Red Carpet begins. You will be required to sign your item back into your possession from the designated WPCT member. 
  • At the completion of the red carpet event, you must immediately remove the prop, weapon, or item from the venue. 

Costuming Policy 

Lewdness: Any costume determined to be lewd, sexually suggestive, or in any way inappropriate for a family-friendly show will be prohibited. 

Final Determination 

Determination on what comprises a prohibited costume shall and can be made by any staff level member of Pop Con YXE. If it is determined that a costume is considered prohibited, it shall be the responsibility of the wearer to immediately depart the venue and change attire. Failure to do so may result in the wearer’s admission or wristband being revoked. 

Costumes Do Not Equal Compliance 

Regardless of the style of costume, PCYXE subscribes to the idea that “Costumes Do NOT Equal Compliance”. If at any time you feel unsafe, please immediately contact and inform PCYXE staff. Please see the Harassment Policy (above) for more information. 

Prohibited Costumes and Costume Accessories 

  • Any Police uniform that is not obviously and immediately identifiable as being a costume  
  • Any patch, pin, emblem, or piece of clothing associated with a major municipal, provincial, or federal policing agency. (Example: City of Saskatoon, City of Regina, RCMP, SWAT, etc.) 
  • Any patch, pin, emblem, or piece of clothing associated with a major municipal, provincial, or federal Emergency Medical Service or Fire Service. 
  • Stilts of any style 
  • Headgear or face masks that severely limit the wearer’s line of sight to an extent that safety becomes an issue. 
  • Wheels, casters, or other means of locomotion not under direct human power. This includes roller skates, rollerblades, heelies, skateboards, etc. (Excluding mobility assistance devices required due to health or personal issues.) 

Oversize Costumes 

Any costume that exceeds 7 feet in height or 4 feet in diameter may require the use of a guide to help the wearer move around the venue in a safe manner. If at any time your line of sight or your ability to move easily and freely is in question, you will require a guide. Final determination on what constitutes an oversized costume can and will be made by any staff member of Pop Con YXE. 


Guides are the responsibility of the cosplayers to supply and use. Pop Con YXE does NOT supply guides for cosplay use.  

Guides Responsibilities 

It shall be the responsibility of the guide to ensure that the cosplayer moves around the venue in a safe manner, and is not risking injury or damage to themselves, other attendees, staff, crew members, or the venue. Guides must also purchase their own admission and/or wristband to match the cosplayer’s admission to the event. 

Unfulfilled Responsibilities 

If it is determined by a staff member of Pop Con YXE that your guide is not effective in their duties, you will be required to replace the guide with someone more suited, or to remove the costume from the venue.  

Costume Complaints 

Should at any time a complaint be received regarding any cosplayers attire, an assessment will be made by Event Staff. Should that assessment find that the costume is lewd or in poor taste, the attendee must immediately depart the venue or change clothing before being allowed back into the event. Failure to comply may result in revocation of convention pass without refund.  

General Terms and Conditions 

This section outlines Pop Con YXE’s (PCYXE) policies, terms, and conditions in regards to any and all props, weapons, and costumes being brought to or being displayed at the event. As there are too many props and items to individually define, the following general guidelines for weapons and props and how they will be handled at the venue have been defined; 

Visual Identification and Concealment 

All weapons and props MUST be in plain and visible sight at all times. Any item or prop that may be mistaken for a weapon by any person at a range of 25 feet will be considered as a weapon and will not be allowed. Weapons and props MUST be in plain view at all times and not concealed. The item will be considered a weapon in such circumstances as; 

  • A Police Officer could mistake it for a weapon at a range of 25 feet in the dark. 
  • The item in question could reasonably cause physical harm, could be used to cause physical harm, or could be used to make a person believe that they could come to physical harm. 
  • The item in question could be used in such a manner to menace, threaten, or harass another individual. 

Pop Con YXE strictly enforces a zero-tolerance rule for concealed weapons of any sort. Should you be found to be in possession of a concealed weapon, you risk revocation of admission or wristband and having the appropriate authorities contacted. 

Continued Assessment 

All props and weapons may be subjected to continued assessment throughout the event by the Props and Costume Compliance Team or Event Staff. 

Presentation and Inspection 

ALL props and weapons must be presented to the Props and Costume Compliance Team on arrival at the venue to be peace bonded. Failure to adhere to this condition may result in your prop/weapon being confiscated, or revocation of your admission or wristband. 

  • The Props and Costume Compliance Team and Event Staff will have the final say on whether a prop or weapon will be allowed at Pop Con YXE. 
  • Any weapon or prop that does not pass peace bonding must be removed from the venue or checked into the Props Room immediately. Failure to comply with this mandate may result in revocation of your admission or wristband. 

Props Storage Room 

For any weapon, prop, or item found to contravene this policy, PCYXE supplies and operates a safe and controlled room where your items may be stored while in attendance at the event. The cost of storing items in this space is subject to the venue’s posted rates at the time of the event. 

Responsibility for Stored Items 

PCYXE shall bear no responsibility for theft, misplacement, or damage to any item stored in the Props Storage Room under any circumstance. If in doubt, do not bring the item to the event. 

Peace Bonding 

  • Any and all props or weapons MUST be presented at the peace bonding table to be cleared PRIOR to entering into the event. 
  • It is the responsibility of the attendee to present said items to the Props and Costume Compliance Team at the peace bonding table BEFORE entering PCYXE.  
  • To aid in speeding up the process, it is recommended that the attendee download and fill out the “Peace Bond Application” form prior to arrival at the event, and have it ready to submit at the peace bond table. 

Peace Bond Marks 

Peace bond marks applied to your approved weapons/props MUST stay intact for the duration of the event. If you are caught deliberately removing or otherwise altering any peace bond marks you risk having the item confiscated and having your admission or wristband revoked. 


At NO time will any attendee use their props or weapons in any way that may be insinuated as an assault, an act of intimidation, or in any manner that may be deemed as harassing or threatening to any person. Failure to follow this mandate will result in immediate revocation of admission or wristband and the proper authorities may be contacted. 

Pointing of Weaponry 

At absolutely no time will any person point a weapon whether real, inert, or fake, at any other attendee. The ONLY exception of this rule will be when requested to do so for a photo opportunity. Any other circumstance will put you at risk of having the item confiscated or having your admission or wristband revoked. 

Skill and Determination 

The effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the weapon or prop, or the skill, or lack of skill of the person in possession of the weapon or prop is irrelevant in the determination of whether or not the item is classified as a weapon. 

Onsite Purchase 

All weapons bought at a designated weapon vendor onsite at Pop Con YXE MUST comply with the stated Vendors Weapons Policy as described within this document. If you are interested in purchasing a weapon that violates this policy, please ask the vendor if they are able to hold it until you are ready to leave the venue.  

Onsite Purchase Compliance 

Any items or weapons contrary to the stated policy that are purchased at a vendor inside Pop Con YXE MUST be kept in compliance with the rules as set forth by the Vendors Weapons Policy as listed in this document. Failure to adhere to this policy puts you at risk of having the item confiscated or having your admission or wristband revoked. 

Illegal and Restricted Items 

Any weapons and/or props that are classified as “illegal” or “restricted” under Municipal, Provincial, or Federal mandate are categorically barred from Pop Con YXEincluding but in no way limited to: asps, guns, nunchuks, pepper or bear spray, grenades, incendiary devices of any nature, explosives, etc., risk having their admission or wristband revoked and having the appropriate authorities contacted. 

Banned and Prohibited Weapons, Props, and Items 

Pop Con YXE considers the following items (as part of a costume or not) as restricted and will not be permissible at the event; 

  • Projectile Weaponry: Absolutely no functional piece of projectile weaponry, including thrown weaponry such as shuriken and throwing darts. There shall be no throwing of any kind of prop at any time. 
  • Paintball Markers 
  • Airsoft Guns 
  • Silly String Guns or Cans 
  • Ammunition: Any and all ammunition, whether inert or not, including but not limited to bullets, grenades, shells, or casings  
  • Metal Bladed WeaponryIncluding swords, knives, axes, pole arms, or any other prop composed of metal. 
  • Practice SwordsBoken, kendo, and other wooden practice swords  
  • Yaoi Paddles 
  • Leashes and Neck Restraints: No collars of any type or style that is attached to a leash or a length of cordor other item intended to be used as a leash  
  • Incendiary Devices: Explosives of any style or type, whether live or inert. This includes fireworks, smoke bombs, stink bombs, flash paper, gunpowder, or any other item intended to be ignited. 
  • Gas, Smoke, and Chemical DevicesThat dispel any kind of gas, odor, or smoke 
  • Noise Producing Items 
  • Laser Pointers 

Exceptions or Modified Restricted Items  

*The item is considered prohibited if the following guidelines are NOT met. 

  • Bows: Whether compound or recurve are allowed provided the string IS completely removed. The string must not be brought to the event. 
  • CrossbowsProvided they have been professionally destrung. Trigger guards shall not be considered as adequate protection. 
  • Arrows and BoltsMay be used as a part of your cosplay provided all arrows are capped with blunt ends and secured together in some fashion to create a bundle. Absolutely no single or individual arrows or bolts will be allowed under any circumstance. 
  • Replica FirearmsProvided they follow all conformities as outlined in this policy (see section about Visual identification and concealment). They must under no circumstance resemble a real gun, or have the chance of being mistaken for a real gun. The barrel tip must be painted bright orange or red, and there must be no way in which the replica can, or be made to, fire any projectile of any sort. 
  • Nerf, Cap, and Toy Guns: All guns, whether replica or otherwise not directly covered by policy must be presented at the peace bonding table and will be assessed on a case by case basis. 
  • Whips: Whips of any style are allowed as a costume accessory only. Absolutely no use shall be allowed at any time.  
  • Handcuffs, Restraints, Ties, Bindings, etc.: Handcuffs, restraints, chains, and bindings may be used as a part of your costume, however under no circumstance will any person be allowed to have said items used to restrain the free movement of any other individual. 
  • Collars: Collars or other forms of neck restraints will be allowed provided that at no time there is any form of leash, cord, or other item intended to lead or control an individual’s free movement attached. 

Exotic or otherwise unclassified Weapons, Props, or Items 

Any weapon, prop, or item, not clearly defined within this policy must be declared to the Props and Costume Compliance Team at the peace bond table prior to entry into PCYXE. All items will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

Homemade Weapons and Props Materials 

The following comprises generally acceptable and unacceptable materials that may be used to make homemade weapons and/or props. These lists are in no way deemed as exhaustive and all homemade weapons and props will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

Generally Acceptable Materials 

  • Cardboard 
  • Foam Wood 
  • PVC and Plastic 
  • High Density Foam 

Prohibited Materials 

  • Metal 
  • Glass or Ceramics 
  • Plastics or Composite Materials that has been fashioned to, or that can hold an edge or sharp point. 

It is Pop Con YXE’s goal to make the event as accessible as possible while being as fair as we can to all attendees. We acknowledge that some attendees require some different needs, and we are here to help! 

Pop Con YXE’s Accessibility policy allows the following for approved attendees: 

  • Dedicated access to autograph lines, once attendee checks in at the Accessibility Entrance checkpoint. 
  • Dedicated access to photo-op lines with proof of purchase for photo op session. 
  • Assistance in panel room seating dependent on availability. 
  • One complimentary handler pass that matches up with ticket type purchased (some restrictions apply with Deluxe Pass holders) 

Is there accessible seating at the Expo Theatre and Community Panel? 

Accessible seating is available at the Expo Theatre and Community Panel. Please be aware that all seating is on a first-come, first-served basis and we cannot guarantee seating for everyone. Attendees who require accessible seating should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the event. 

Please keep in mind that many events are popular and seating may not be available if you wait until the last minute to get to the room. Please read your show guide and plan your day accordingly being sure to leave additional time for lines. 

Is the venue fully accessible? Is there accessibility parking available on-site? 

The World Trade Center Saskatoon at Prairieland is fully accessible, and there will be on-site accessibility parking. To plan ahead, go to the venue website to see where their accessibility parking lots are located.  

Is there anywhere I can rent a wheelchair, walker or cane?  

Wheelchairs are available for rent at the information desk for $5 per hour. A cash refundable deposit of $40 is required. Call 306-931-7149 if you would like to reserve one in advance.

Are service animals permitted inside the show? 

Guide dogs and licensed service animals are welcome, provided they are leashed or under similar control as appropriate. Attendees with service animals assume complete responsibility for their animal for the duration of their time at the event. 

AI-generated artwork has become a focal point of global conversations, especially in the convention space.  We have followed the developments closely and implemented  a policy that protects the integrity of artists and their work, while giving room for the future of technology and art.

At Pop Con YXE, we do not accept the display, sale, or promotion of artwork that has been generated or altered using any form of Artificial Intelligence. It is important to us to preserve the authenticity of artwork that’s valued by our customers and community, therefore, we require all artists included in the Exhibit Hall or Artist Alley, to restrain from including AI-generated art in their displays.

In the event that we discover AI-generated artwork, our staff will ask for the pieces to be removed. If the pieces containing AI-generated artwork are a significant portion of your displays, we may require you to shut down your location.  By signing up to this show, you agree that you accept these terms and conditions.  

Kindly note that we may require you to show proof of originality of all art pieces at the show. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are complying with this policy.

We will strictly enforce this policy while staying updated with the evolution of the conversation.