Pop Con YXE Trade Show Exhibitors

The 2024 Exhibitor List

PLEASE NOTE: Subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Rock and crystal jewelry and accessories: All of my products are either fairy/mushroom/zodiac/moon themed. Each piece is made using natural genuine gemstone/crystals, glass beads, and typically finished with a charm. 

Hand made jewelry in multiple mediums: hand made jewelry, hair accessories, stickers/decals, paintings and home décor.

ACE handmade is a family art collective. A- Autumn pins preserves and frames a variety of insects. C- Chelsea and Chad. Chelsea works primarily in embroidery, she focuses on pop culture, horror, and vintage embroidery with a sassy twist.

Products are mostly pop culture embroidery art and horror embroidery art, preserved and framed insects. Maybe stickers and pop culture wood burning/paintings. View Instagram Page

Achie Collection, your one-stop shop for bright and beautiful handmade jewelry, creative design T-shirts, tote bags, art prints and other merchandise.

Our products are carefully curated to bring you fun and happiness with a unique twist: Tote bags, T-shirts, Art Prints, Stickers, Enamel Pins, Tumblers, Jewelry, Key Chains. View Instagram Page

Roll for adventure! Adventure Dice is your Canadian source for dice, role-playing game books and accessories, and other tabletop gaming goodies. We’re dedicated to building gaming spaces that are safe, accessible, and welcoming to everyone. View Website

Vibrancy with markers! Showcasing my skills with sharpies and other various household markers. Whether it be your favourite character or your original character, I can draw them and I will have it ready same day!

Giftable items such as on the spot marker commissions, original character art, anime/pop culture keychains/earrings/stickers, buttons, and mystery bags including a variety of the previous items mentioned. Primarily anime/cartoon/video game focused. View Website

I make pixel art made out of perler beads, including keychains, wall hangs and large pieces! Multiple sizes of keychains, wall hangs, and large pieces from anime video games and pop-culture. All are hand made and full of colour! View Instagram Page

You don’t need to be a pinball wizard to play a great selection of pinbal machines and arcade cabinets.

Angrymonkey Cartoonz provides on the spot caricature drawings, featuring the individual’s costume or pre drawn body forms. Live drawing and prints for purchase. Caricatures and samples of work in 8.5 x 11″ portfolio and some signage. View Website

I am an independent illustrator and designer. My work is inspired by 90s anime and Nordic folk woodblock prints creating a unique blend of bold shapes. Visit Website

A product of the 80s and a big fan of comics, Abram enjoys sharing his take on some of his favourite comic book and cartoon characters. He sells canvas and paper prints of many popular characters, including Ninja Turtles, He-man, and Spider-Man. Visit Website -OR- Visit Instagram Page

I make traditional and digital art of characters from various pop culture including video games, anime, etc: 12×18″ Art Prints 8×12″ Metal Art Prints 11×17″ Metal Art Prints, Stickers at various sizes. 

I make unique crochet items and cricut projects that fit into my favorite hobbies! This would include, but not limited to, crochet items, stuffies, sweaters, paintings and shadow boxes.

I’m an independent author who also sells small plush items, books, and handicrafts. View Website

I upcycle and create jewelry in the Steampunk esthetic using vintage, antique, and new elements. I also create Steampunk fascinators (miniature top and short hats) from scratch, the base is foam cut from a pattern, molded, painted and decoupaged. All items are STEAMPUNK themed: Fascinators – Jewelry – Accessories – Affirmation Greeting Cards. View Facebook Page

Exclusive, limited, custom printed, fantasy miniature paintkits. Custom made, exclusive, High End Fantasy Miniature Paint Kits, Small Goldplume Mage, Large Gold plume mage, Small Demon General, Large Demon General, Small Demon Lieutenant, Large Demon Lieutenant. View Website

Life is too short to be angry all the time. Let’s be best friends! The following will all be my own designs: Digital designs as prints, keychains, stickers, lanyards, mugs, t-shirts. View Website

Hand crafted table top at, terrain and miniature as well as other nerdy inspired multimedia art. Pet bandanas dioramas TTRPG terrain and minis 3D shadow boxes, hand painted canvases, acrylic on glass art resin key chains, clay miniatures, embroidery art, dice towers, dice boxes. View Instagram Page

Waist Trainers
Bras and Panties
Snuggle Bunnies
Harnesses with wings
Accessories for costuming

Visit Website

bokchoi is a Canadian based artist who specializes in high contrast, heavy black pop culture art, much to the consternation of print shops everywhere. 11×17 art prints (pop culture fan art and original character art)  Visit Website

Bookwyrm Games is a Canadian gaming company delivering immersion in the TTRPG experience! We sell unique and colourful dice in resin, metal, and gemstone as well as all the accessories you need to play! Dice, Dice Bags, Dice Boxes, Tea, Candles, Quest Chest (TTRPG Module boxes with physical props), 3D printed familiars, TTRPG bracelets. View Website

Boryski’s Butcher Block is proud to be a locally-owned and family-run butcher shop located in the North Industrial area of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. From custom cuts to wide-scale catering and events, Boryski’s Butcher Block delivers customer satisfaction. Ready to eat sausage sticks, jerky, meat & cheese containers. View Website


Brownrabbits is a family run shop focusing on high quality epoxy charms and prints. We have worked with companies such as League of Legends, New York Times and our pieces are currently in Kinokuniya stores all across the states. Visit Website

Posters, prints, keychains, sticker sheet, pins, lanyards, notebooks and other craftworks. 

December 2012 Caleighs Crystals came to life. Started with handmade crystal ball jewelry and the anime items were added over the years and were a huge success. Reasonable pricing and quality for the price for each item. Handmade anime earrings, necklaces, pins, keychains, croc buttons and crystal ball earrings, pendants and bracelets.Unicorn and mermaid hair bands. View Facebook Page -OR- View Website

Imported candies from US, UK, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan Assorted Accessories, and Novelty Toys (no samples)

I am a local fiber artist just starting out at trade shows this year. I crochet fun colourful clothing and accessories including but not limited to sweaters, hats, ears and hoods. As well, I crochet unique plush (pickles, mushrooms, 2 headed franken/voodoo plush dolls, half bunny half kitty franken/voodoo plush), “spooky themed” stickers. View Instagram Page -OR- View Facebook Page

Cauli is an anime artist based in Edmonton who loves to draw her favourite character from Japanese pop culture. Find art prints of VTubers, animes, games, and come by to get a custom commission done! 

Services: – on site custom commissions/anime-style caricatures. Items: 11 x 17″ art prints of the following characters:- Hololive’s Takanashi Kiara – Hololive’s Nerissa Ravencroft – Hololive’s Skura Miko – K’on’s Mio- Oshi no Ko’s Hoshino Ai- Mushoku T. View Website Page

Chasing Artwork is a Winnipeg based illustration studio featuring the Artwork of Justin Currie. Justine Currie is an illustrator using techniques combing graphic designer training and traditional painting techniques in the coined style “Shattered Vector Painting.” I have self published books, artbooks, canvas prints, enamel pins and digital prints – all created by me! View Website

Clover Studio is a Winnipeg-based multidisciplinary artist. Her work primarily focuses on cute and bright themes, featuring many of your favourite anime like Pokemon, and Sailor Moon. Anime/fanart themed Enamel Pins, stickers, prints, and small apparel. Original art that is Japanese themed. Some video game fanart stickers and prints from games like FFXIV, Cult of the Lamb, Animal Crossing, etc. Dice, table top game accessories. View Website -OR- View Instagram Page

We are Coffin Carpentry, local to Saskatoon! We have been crafting awesome coffin shelves since 2022 and have been loving it ever since!

We have made hundreds of shelves ranging from 17″ to 6′ tall! 

We partner with local cinemas to bring classic films to the big screen. Only advertising of classic films in local cinemas. No physical products. Visit Website

Wood working dice boxes, d and d dice, needle felting, hand turned pens, custom t-shirts, custom mugs and ceramics.

I make character themed aprons and geeky accessories: cosplay aprons, oven mitts, scrunchies, headbands and hair clips. View Website

Offering quality computer gaming products, services, and more at the lowest possible prices.

Original designed plushies and collectable items. Plushies, embroidered keychains, acrylic keychains, enamel pins of multiple sizes, plush keychains, hats, blankets and more! Visit Website

Tiaras, stone/crystal jewelry, dragon and fantasy themed jewelry, suncatchers, fun/ funky earrings, keychains and some cosplay items.

Critical Relics creates one of a kind TTRPG accessories for all your adventuring needs! Be it dice, or unique storage and rolling trays, there is something for every adventurer at our table! We believe in making TTRPG accessible for all and welcoming.

We make handmade TTRPG accessories, which include: handmade resin dive, hand carved leather and wood storage boxes, wooden and leather dice trays and storage, hand painted resin miniatures, dice wax melts & dice accessories. View Instagram Page 

We are a small home based business that specializes in custom sublimation tumbler and hoodies. Our specialty is we customize our tumblers and hoodies to your specifications while you wait. Sublimation drinkware, customized hoodies, crocheted animals, handmade cards and magnets. 3D printing products.

Cursed Rabbit Comics presents LEMONS, an on-going horror graphic novel series. Issues 1,2, and 3 available. View Website

Da Pop-Up Shop is based in Alberta. We run all events across Canada. Our mission is supporting local small business and artists that share our possession. Visit Website

Pop culture / anime theme collectibles, novelties and brand name products from Bio-world, Funko Pop, GE animation, Bandai, etc.

We are Canadas larges source for historical medieval arms and armour. Medieval Swords, armour and accessories of all kinds. Visit Website 

Founded in 2009 Dark Bridges Film Festival focused on bringing cool genre films to Saskatoon. In 2014 DBFF changed its name to Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival (SFFF) to reflect the wide range of films, but our love of good horror films has never stopped. 
Visit Website

Fantasy inspired character art. Includes ghouls, witches, angels, and other monster-esque characters. Original character: Stickers, Prints (8×5), Postcards(4×5), Lino Cut prints/patches. 

Huntress, Maiden, Mother, Mystic, Sage, Queen and Lover. I will be also selling prints of fan art. Works will be mostly portraits in the style similar to Alvin Chong’s work, and some cross-stitched artwork. I will also be offering commissions. Visit Instagram Page

David is an experienced illustrator, character designer, and story artist with a lifelong love of comics and games. He’s worked on a variety of projects from board games and TTRPG’s to animated elearning videos, artbooks and, of course, comics. Pop culture prints/canvases, commissions (traditional and digital) TTRPG games, Artbook Comic anthology. Visit Website

Dead Cute Pins sells various nerdy themed goodies! Focusing mainly on Video Games, we love to bring fun ideas to life both in enamel pins and practical items (wallets, bottle openers, keychains, acrylic charms and bookmarks)! Visit Website -OR- Visit Instagram Page

Handmade artisanal dice for all your TTRPG needs. Handmade resin dice, watercolour paintings, prints, stickers, handmade earrings, photography, resin bookmarks, resin trays, commissions, mystery sticker packs, mystery dice packs. Visit Instagram Page

A small Winnipeg artist with a passion for bright colours and glitter. Each product is hand designed by me and most are crafted with my own hands. I love anime, cartoons, and 90s nostalgia so that is where most of my inspiration comes from! 

Crochet Hats (bunny beanie, kitty hat, bear bucket hat) Stickers, Meme Pokémon cards, Worm on a string earrings, Art prints, Notepads, Sticker Book, Acrylic Pins. Visit Website

I am a small business of 1 person & I hand-make all of the products I sell. I have been crafting handmade resin dice in my workshop since late 2020 & opened my website the following year. 1. Handmade epoxy resin Dice (polyhedral sets, pip die sets, oversized D20s, etc), 2. Handmade Jesmonite Dice; Jesmonite is a non-toxic natural ‘ faux stone’ compound. 3. Hand-sewn dice bags 4. Handmade, fabric dice trays 5. Various stickers.  Visit Website

Canadian illustrator and comic book creator. Live portrait drawings, original comic books, original artwork, t-shirts, postcards, buttons, stickers. Visit Website

Artistry that offers various mediums including drawing, crochet, and niche items. Specialized pop culture, anime and video game related items. Crocheted items: Plush toys, keychains, sneakers, hand bags, plush decorations, perler bead characters, Diamond Art: Flat pictures, figures, 3D pieces. My Book: The Gift of Time: Adventures of an Archaeologist – RJ Devlin.

Dragon’s Den Games is Saskatoon’s Premiere Game Store! We are a local game store who sells a wide variety of board games, roleplaying games, miniature games and card games. It’s a Haven for the Imagination!

Board Games, Dungeons & Dragons and related figures. Visit Website

Edward Willett is the award-winning author of more than sixty science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction books for readers of all ages. Shadowpaw Press, the publishing company he founded in 2028, publishes books by many different authors in a variety of genres.

Books in a variety of genres, but with a preponderance of science fiction and fantasy, either by Edward Willett or by other authors published through his publishing company, Shadowpaw Press. Visit Website -OR- Visit Shadowpaw Press

I’m ellenjoyfully and I’m a small artist with big dreams. Creating cute, nerdy artwork has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I specialize in creating a collection of cute anime, pop-culture, video game, cute animal, and mem-themed artwork. – 8×10″ + 8×8″ + 5×7″ Art Prints, Stickers (2-3″, variations of vinyl and holographic), Sticker Sheets (4×6″ & 5×7″), Keychains (Between 2-3″, acrylic keychains.)  Visit Website

We are hoping to return with a retro gaming booth for attendees to enjoy and relax during the event, while collecting donations for the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Replica weaponry props from pop culture and associated accessories. Visit Website

Accessories for the modern adventurer! I make jewelry and other accessories for you to show your love of TTRPGs every day in a subtle way! Mini Dice Earrings, Mini Dice & Regular Dice Jewelry, Natural Gemstone Bracelets, Dicebags, Dice, and Nerdy Earrings. Visit Website

I’m an independent artist who draws work heavily inspired by east asian pop culture such as anime and video games. Video game fan art, acrylic keychains, original sticker sheets and original  design art prints. Visit Website -OR- Visit Etsy

Prints, enamel pins, keychains, vinyl stickers, hats, tote bags.

Gaming Hobby Shop: selling collectables from the greatest anime and video games. Visit Website

Plush, anime figures, retro games, Ichiban Kuji, hats, backpacks, TCG cards, keychains, pins, bookmarks, stickers, notepads, dreamcatchers, resin art, lanyards, mugs and more!

Handmade chainmaille good made one ring at a time, fantastic nerdy jewelry and handcrafted Dragon eggs. Chainmaille jewelry, bags, ornaments, sculpture items and possibly an armour shirt/coif, dice earrings and jewelry, dice sets, dice bags, nerdy pendants and earrings, dragon eggs, possibly some Christmas ornaments. Visit Website

Folk and Fan combines their love of all things nerdy and fandom related with their love for the traditional folk art of Woodburning. Every woodburned piece is 100% made by hand. Their pieces celebrate your favourite movies, TV series and books. Items include wall art, keychains, pins, kitchen accessories, decor items, boxes, etc. Visit Website -OR- Visit Facebook Page


Funko Pops, back packs, stuffed toys, anime items, action figures and more! Visit Website

I am an artist and I make and sell cute and nerdy prints, stickers, card decks, pins, and keychains! Visit Instagram Page

I love expressing myself through different forms of handicrafts such as rhinestoning everything and sewing when time allows it. Nothing quite compares to channeling my inner nerd while watching Star Trek, a 90s cartoon or anything Disney.

Soup bowls cozies, pot holders, scrunchies, lots of geeky fabric, key fob wristlets, cat toys, rhinestoned tumbers, and other things. Rhinestone pens, lots of sparkle, dead fairies, baby soother clips, silicone bead pens. Visit Facebook Page

Ganbatte Convention Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the rich tapestry of Japanese and Asian media and arts within the heart of Saskatoon. We plan and host diverse events year-round, all leading up to our eagerly anticipated annual anime convention in August.

Our team comprises devoted volunteers who hail from the vibrant local communities of Saskatoon, uniting enthusiasts of anime, comics, and gaming under one inspiring banner.  Visit Website

Geeky Tendencies is your ultimate destination for premium handmade tabletop gaming accessories. Dive into our collection of meticulously crafted dice bags, trays, spell books, dice displays, dice vaults, and hand-painted miniatures. Visit Website

GeneFunk 2090 is a biopunk tabletop roleplaying game, where players take on a role of strangenic mercs in a lean start-up corporation that specializes in investigation, intelligence, protection, and violence. The core rulebook is a platinum best seller. View Website

Original Graphic Novels, Prints, Buttons, Stickers, Bookmarks, Shirts

My artwork is inspired by pop culture movies such as Lord of the Rings, Ghibli movies, and the latest trending Anime shows (Demon Slayer etc.) I sell a lot of cute aesthetic merch as well that involves cats and little creatures. Visit Website

GMB Chomichuk is an award-winning writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in comics, graphic novels, books, role-playing games, film, television and theatre. He is the host of Super Pulp Science, a podcast about how genre gets made. Books, Art, Prints and Original Art Created and Written by GMB Chomichuk. Visit Website

Goodz by Sooz is a local small business from Saskatoon, run by Suzie (Sooz) Dempster. She is a “mostly” self-taught, multimedia artist who revels in all things nerdy. She is most known for her meticulous and labour intensive pointillism (dot) paintings. Pokémon dot paintings, original art pieces, art prints, greeting cards, buttons, bookmarks, dog bandanas, stickers. Most of my work is pop culture related. Visit Website

Hashtags cafe is a Milkshake cafe and games lounge in warman and offers the best premium milkshakes!

Hazel Geek specializes in creating items with a 90s theme, and retro vibes. We bring a nostalgic component that speaks to your inner child. We create flair that you can place on your items, as well as embroider sweaters and hats in house. Enamel pins, embroidered patches and hats, stickers, earrings, charms, keychains. Visit Website -OR- Visit Instagram Page.

Collection of various fanart of various characters from anime, comic and video games as well as original art works. Visit Website

Hope Homestead is a small farm near Saskatoon, SK where we raise and breed endangered livestock. Our sales go towards keeping these breeds from becoming extinct. Handmade jewelry, skulls, home décor.

Science-fiction, fantasy, and horror comics and graphic novels. Visit Website

I am a digital artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I draw, ink and colour all of my own artwork. My products consist of a combination of both original and fan art pieces.

List of 12×18 poster prints: Gargoyles Poster Prints | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Poster Prints | Transformers Poster Prints | Star Wars Poster Prints | 90’s Cartoon Poster Prints | Marvel Character Poster Prints | DC Character Poster Prints | Video Game Poster Print

Visit Website

Prints, artwork and original art. Visit Website

Jessica Weightman is a self-published Saskatoon author who recently published her fourth novel.

Books: The Ninin Chronicles: Darwin, The Ninin Chronicles: Borok, The Ninin Chronicles: Hadley, The Ninin Chronicles: AlmonBook marks and fantasy maps of Ninin. View Website


Hi, I’m Kate, an artist from a cold flat bit of Canada. When I am not in my garden or with my foster cats I can be found at my computer illustrating and designing. I love to travel and get a lot of inspiration from the places I’ve been. Visit Website

Handmade art prints; painted, digital art and illustration. Inspired by sci-fi, vintage book art, tv and movies.


A small artist who focuses on the day gone by reviving our nostalgia one item at a time.

3d Prints:
– Anime figures and objects from (Final fantasy, Pokémon, D&D, Inyuasha, one piece, ect.)
– Movie props (Fallout, star trek, warhammer40k, one piece)
– Figures or items from random shows, (Gargoyles, mario, legend of zelda)
– Articulated prints

Enclosed display of remote controlled fighting robots. Visit Website

Kings of the Strip is a music based graphic novel telling the story of a fictional band from the Sunset Strip era from the 80s. Graphic Novel, comic book, art prints, t-shirts, guitar picks, postcards. View Website 

I’m a nerdy maker of jewelry and other cute things: earrings, Keychains, Enamel pins, acrylic mirrors, pin badges, Rubiks cubes, Dice holder, Dice towers. Visit Website

KV’S Custom, was started by Koleton Vandenheuvel in 2023 and creates many types of custom items such as tees, sweatshirts, mugs, keychains, stickers, prints ect. KV’s Custom is a proudly Metis ran. He will be joined by artist, Gabby Pereira.

Selling custom sweatshirts in anime style as well as handmade jewelry, keychains, and prints.

Lackofa’s style of art emphasizes bright colours and cheerful depictions of animals, with a leaning towards birds. 

Original art with cute depictions of animals, mostly themed around food with a heavy leaning towards birds. Plan to sell mostly prints, along with some charms and stickers. Visit Website

Lea loves to create atmospheres and emotions in her artwork, and drawing cute cats in her art everytime she gets the chance to add one! She’s a huge fan of the Japanese culture, and love to share that passion with others through her art.

Creates cute cats art and Japanese art related, as well as  my art printed on different items, such as prints, calendars, tote bags, stickers. Lea also offers custom digital commissions and quick hand drawn commissions. Visit Website 

Come visit us for a smile and a refreshing, freshly squeezed Lemon Heaven lemonade!

Freshly squeezed lemonade, large lollipops and cotton candy.

Just a cute little fox creating cozy vibes and kawaii things.

Acrylic charms, lanyards, coin purses, stickers, washi tape, mini prints, earrings, and enamel pins. 75% of designs are original, while 25% is fan art. Every design is created in a pastel ‘kawaii’ aesthetic. Visit Website

Lillias Yearwood (a.k.a Lillix) is a classically trained Canadian illustrator known for her expressive, dark, and emotive portraits. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design.

Art prints, bookmarks, original paintings. Visit Website

Janpanese anime, official figures, accessories, costume cosplaying, managa, Kpop, etc. Visit Website

Lothlenan is a digital and traditional artist using mixed media to create her work. She specializes in the reproduction and exploration of classical paintings, bringing them to a modern audience with pop culture references.

Artwork prints, sketch cards and handmade sticker designs. Visit Website

Lace jewelry and hand painting accessories. Visit Etsy

Visit Instagram
– A Miserable Guide to Saskatoon books, and A Miserable Guide to Saskatoon 2: It’s Just More of the Same books (newly released in October 2023!)
– Stickers and prints.
– Custom comics (comic strips drawn on the spot for tips)

Made for geeks, by geeks. Marjie & Anita have been creating for decades, and we have a love for anything geeky. From Star Wars to Trek, Superhero to Princess, Anime to TV shows, we can crochet them all. Visit Website

Crochet and knit geeky hats, scarves and stuffed animals in a variety of genres: Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, anime, Pokémon, etc.

I’m a Saskatoon artist who creates fun illustrations. I have prints and stickers available of some of my favourites, and I’m also available for commissions. View Website

Med.Hack(+) is an event designed to solve problems in healthcare through the use of technology. Typically during the hackathon, we brainstorm ideas, form teams, and prototype solutions to real-life issues over the course of 48 hours while being guided by local mentors in health, technology, and business! Visit Website


Mia Makes offer crocheted goods that are practical and fun! Visit Instagram

Minifigures, tumblers and keychains.

Custom built figures used in playing the game of Heroclix, pre-used Heroclix sets available for sale, new box sets for sale, custom built/painted minatures for D&D and custom jewelry. Visit Website

Molly is a freelance artist creating vibrant colour works heavily inspired by video games, anime and monster lore. They have been playing games their entire life, and have a huge variety of vinyl stickers with many characters from said games, memes, and more!

Prints, foil prints, stickers, acrylic charms and pins, sketchbooks, commissions. Visit Website or Instagram

Anime enthusiast by day, kpop fan by night; I take inspiration from the love of my interests into my artwork! I sell and share my art in many forms, buttons, keychains, poster prints, and much more. Visit Instagram

Poster prints, postcards, acrylic charms, acrylic photo holders, buttons, phone grips, stickers, etc. 

Hello! My name is Megan and I have a business which is metaphysical tools and stones. I take pride in finding beautiful crystals from small suppliers around the world. Visit Facebook

Mainly crystals: gemstone tumbles, towers, pendulums, and palm stones. Incense and holders, wood card holders, Oracle and tarot cards, statement crystal pieces, crystal bracelets and necklaces. 

Just a nerd who loves gaming and pop culture while at the same time loves making art of my favourite games/movies/shows. Visit Website

Gaming (Pokemon, Genshin Impact) prints and anime vinyl decals/stickers. 

Cute and colourful trinkets designed by Lee Flegel. Visit Website

Keychains, pinback buttons, art prints (postcard and poster size), wooden pins, stickers, pencil cases and paintings on canvas.

Nirmal’s Henna Tattoos offers intricate and beautifully designed temporary body art using natural henna paste. Renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, Nirmal’s creations are inspired by traditional and contemporary designs.

Henna tattoos, henna tubes, henna kits and more!

Nitrogeek is dedicated to turning your ordinary items into extraordinary keepsakes. With our state-of-the-art laser engraving technology we transform everyday objects into personalized masterpieces. Visit Website

Laser engraved housewares and kitchenware.

Nyco Rudolph creates “retro absurdist Canadiana”, inspired by vintage travel posters and graphic design, as well as absurdist humour, and Canadian pop culture, history and art. Visit Website

Digitally printed art prints, comics, books and greeting cards featuring “retro absurdist canadiana” art style!

UNCONFIRMED Selling prints of original artwork that are primarily containing designs related to comic books and fantasy. Most are of familiar characters plus some are of original character designs. Visit Instagram or Facebook

Prints stickers and decals; original art statues, sculptures and commissions.

I am a chocolatier and pastry chef that has decided to get into making freeze dried goods as well as the chocolate I am known for making.

Molded chocolate (Star Wars, Hello Kitty, etc.); flavoured chocolate bars: freeze dried candy and icecream; chocolate; and lollipops. Plus, novelty earrings!

Stylized fan art and original art prints, as well as fan art and original clothing like hats, wooden pins and stickers. Visit Website

Party-Bots is the event division of Saskatoon-based FingerTech Robotics Ltd., which is located on Millar Ave. in Saskatoon. Our facility is set up to let you experience combat robotics without jumping into the sport entirely. Fighting combat robots is a great way to have fun while learning STEM concepts. With over 20 years of hosting and competing in robot tournaments from small-scale up to BattleBots®, we now bring our expertise to Birthday Parties, Workshops, and Corporate Events to open the world of combat robotics to anyone and everyone. Visit Website

Jackie of Peculiar Poppets is a collector of the discarded and maker of creatures both whimsical and sweetly macabre. She likes to take things that have been rejected and give them another chance to be loved. Visit Instagram

Polymer clay witch, wraith, and pixie/imp figurines; dolls made from 3Dprinted animal skulls; and thrifted porcelain dolls. 

100% handmade scroll saw art – no lasers or CNC machines used. 

Officially licensed geeky pins, keychains, and jewelry, as well as cat-themed surprise boxes! Visit Website

Enamel pins, keychains, earrings, necklaces, rings, cufflinks, embroidered patches, and cat-themed surprise boxes.


Hand made acrylic frames, hand made mirror, acrylic artpieces and poster prints

It’s all about cute mash-ups and unlikely anime crossovers. If you were to sum up the artist’s particular style, it’s fairly ranged in medium, but the mainstay is in his pencil works and sketches and predominantly deals with wholesome anime imagery. Visit Website

At the conventions, you will most likely find custom hand-drawn art, original fan art prints, anime accessories like keychains and decals, and 1-off apparel.

“Cuteness is a necessity” is my motto for my simply cute amigurumi creations. Ducks that you can accessorize with hats, cute danglers for your bags, and beginner crochet kits. Visit Website

Crochet Characters – Ducks and MoMoNoiDos(my own character design)
Crochet Danglers – ducks, fruits, veggies
Crochet Bonsai plants – variety of flowers, fruit trees
Crochet Hairclips
Crochet Hats for crochet characters
Crochet Kits
Crochet DimSum Characte

Drake (Winson) Tsui (Known as Quirkilicious) is a Canadian freelance illustrator professionally in the field for 10+ years. Visit Website

Specializing in 2D splash/front-art paintings, paper products featuring original artwork, 12’x18’’ and 16×24’’ prints and 100-page artbooks!

Rahmat Cutlery provides handmade knives that are well designed and are made with high quality materials. Our selection includes hunting knives, chef knives, filets and any style of knife you can think off. Visit Website

Handmade Damascus hunting, chef, and fishing knives; replica swords; and leather hats.

Randy Ruppel draws one of a kind caricatures that people can enjoy for years to come. It only takes about 8-10 minutes to have your caricature drawn. Visit Website

Red Kitten Productions is your one stop local shop for geeky pride! From D&D class buttons to headset horns for a +2 to cool, we have something for everyone! Visit Website

– Fan art prints for Critical Role, She-Ra, The Owl House, and Baulder’s Gate 3
– Original art prints featuring monster species, as well as characters from my D&D livestream
– Pride 1.25 inch pin back buttons in flags and d20 designs
– Owl House character

Alternative clothing, accessories and decor: cloaks, capes, coats, shirts, handbags, backpacks, wallets, leather books, accessories, plush toys, etc.

Red Winter Studios is a Calgary Alberta based business that was created out of a need to bring a specialized creative eye to a passionate and thriving comic and pop culture genre. Visit Facebook

– Fan art prints
– Art print on t shirts
– Art on coffee mugs 

Original science fiction artworks/comics. Visit Website

We sell officially licensed movie poster reprints that are 24″ x 36″ in size. Our posters cover many genres, but we specialize in: horror, science fiction, and classics!

– Movie Posters (24″ x36″)
– Entertainment Prints (12″ x 18″)
– Pokemon Cards
– DVDs & Blu Ray Movies
– Pop Culture Toys (Star Wars, Super Heroes)

Rogers, a communications company that provides internet services to Canadians, will be selling their internet modem (Ignite) and mobile line at the SaskExpo. Visit Website

Cute and relatable trinkets for everyone! Anime/video game inspired and original:
– charms
– phone charms
– prints
– buttons
– pins
– phone grips
– stickers

Visit Instagram

Edmonton artist, Sabtastic, returns to Saskatoon Expo with her bird army and monster girl art! Be sure to stop by and see what’s new since last year. She’s been very busy making new limited edition specialty art prints! Visit Website or Instagram

-Small, Medium, and Large original art prints
– Vinyl stickers
– Enamel Pins
– Tote Bags
– Apparel (t-shirts and dresses)
– Zipper Pouches
– Coasters
– Bamboo Hand Fans
– Sticky Notes

(All items listed above will have Sabtastic’s artwork printed on them in some way)

– Haunted Saskatchewan
– Colouring Books
– Cryptid pins, keychains, stickers
– Cryptid Coloring books
– Cryptid cup designs
– Polymer Clay Necklaces
– Earrings and Jewelry
– Paintings and Prints

We are a Métis local, supporting Métis citizens of Saskatoon.

One-scale replicas of iconic props and objects, to large and incredibly detailed mosaics depicting characters you know and love – all from 100% Lego Bricks! Various custom-designed, hand-made Lego creations and artwork, with a focus on pop culture. (To be displayed, not sold in any capacity) Visit Website

Scott A. Ford is an award winning comic creator, illustrator, and designer from Winnipeg, Canada. His work puts an emphasis on atmosphere and rich visuals, drawing inspiration from video games, graphic design, film, and animation.

Art prints, comics, graphic novels and art books (all original creations made by the artist). Visit Website

Art focusing on anime, gaming, D&D, and other relevant nerdy and pop culture, as well as pride. Stickers, buttons, prints, and more! Visit Website

– Original artwork (framed) and prints
– Books (by Selina Elliot)
– Logo merchandise
– Some handcrafted items such as cards, calendars, bookmarks (with the theme of works by Selina Elliot)

Original and fan illustrations and artwork, prints, stickers and more!

SillyStoat showcases goofy and alternative fanworks & merchandise by Canadian artist, Hayden Stewart. Shop stickers, art prints, accessories & more! Visit Website

Small products mainly fan art made with a cute and fun art style: acrylic charms, acrylic pins, buttons, lanyards, stickers and posters. Visit Website 

Hand made scrollsaw art (i.e. wall hangings and decor), hand made buttons/pons, and comic book journals. Visit Website

Our names are Lorie Tedford and Justin Lukan, and we are the astrophotographers behind Space Is Neat. We produce images of the night sky both to feed our own interests in how amazing and unfathomable space is. We will be selling prints of our images in various formats (canvas, photo paper, foam core). Items to be sold include matte prints in sizes from 4×4, 5×7, 8×10, 12×18, canvas prints sizes from 12×12,16×16, 12×18, 24×16 and foam core prints size 12×18. Visit Instagram

Anime products hoodies, stuffies scrolls, posters, key chains, lanyards, jewelry, wallets, under where, socks, bucket hats, backpacks, etc.

Spud Publishing Inc. is a new Indie publishing house, established in 2023. We support new authors and illustrators in the categories of speculative fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy. We will be selling our first publication, which is an anthology of Canadian authors and illustrators, as well as some promotional items (bookmarks, prints, etc.) to promote our participants.

Star Cast Anime is a small business based in Regina, SK. We carry a wide variety of licensed anime related collectibles such as figurines, keychains, and plush. Visit Website

We make mini donuts hot and fresh right to order, you can watch your treat being made.

Visit Website or Facebook

– Art Prints
– Colouring Books
– Stickers
– Buttons
– Colouring Calendars
– Greeting Cards

UNCONFIRMED – I make art based on food containers and Japanese culture. Art prints, stickers, keychains, desk mats, tote bags and more! Visit Website

A CNC plasma company; comic related metal art. Visit Website

An Indigenous artist who likes to create cute and kitschy items. Fiber art (crochet, needle felt, polymer clay sculpts) and digital art items (sticker, pins, prints). Visit Instagram

Visit Instagram

– Prints
– Postcards
– Stickers
– Sticker sheets
– Charms
– Lanyards

Hello, we are ToonCon, a non profit group of board gamers who promote the hobby of board gaming. We also promote tabletop Role Playing Games like D&D. 

Cute buttons, stickers and prints! 

We are one of Western Canada’s largest sellers of pop culture collectibles, including action figures and collectibles from many different fandoms from Transformers and Star Wars up to current anime offerings like Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen. Visit Website

Action figures, anime posters/keychains/stickers, celebrity memorabilia (autographs) and Funkos.

Mel Hohn is a mushroom-obsessed illustrator from Edmonton. Find her in the woods hunting for fungi, or at home drawing her foraged finds! Prints, originals, pins, patches, shirts, beanies, stickers, and cards. Visit Website

The Collective YQR is all about supporting small businesses. All of our items are handmade and any artwork we use in the production of our items are sourced from other local artists. Visit Website

Apparel pressed on site, tumblers and mugs, bath and body products, pins and buttons, dice, notebooks and pens.

The Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon is Saskatchewan’s Digital Art School. With offer Diploma programs with training in 3D Animation, Video Game Design, Audio Production and Film Production. Visit Website

The only hands on mineral and gem museum in North America.

Flight sim hobbyist displaying a real F-16 simulator using the latest augmented/mixed reality experience. Visit YouTube

Selling 3D printed fidget collectables: dragons, dragon eggs, wine holders, animals, decorations, lights, and key chains. Visit Facebook

Tingle Tongle Sews handmakes anime and video game inspired bags (backpacks, fannypacks, pouches, etc.) and accessories (patches, bracelets, etc.) for the average nerd.

Explore top collectibles at ToonTownHobbies! Offering single cards, sealed products & consignment in Saskatoon & online. Specializing in Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! & sports cards.

My name is Vanessa and I am the owner operator at Trinkets in Things. Since 2015 we have had a simple goal of bringing a smile and a little fun in to your day.

We make custom shadow boxes, soaps and bath bombs along with earrings, bracelets, slime, candles and more! Visit Facebook

Pop figures, T-shirts, action figures and stickers.

Upcycled thrifted cutlery into sustainable jewelry. Unique items include pendants, earrings, and one of a kind spoon rings.

We offer online programs in Animation, Concept Art, Visual Effects and Video Game industries. Visit Website

New and Retro action figures, Collectables, Video Games

A sister team of creators working in different mediums to bring a fun and eclectic table full of wonders and things to make you gasp! Visit Instagram

– Stickers of all varieties: anime, Harry Potter, ACOTAR, TOG, Crescent City, DC, Marvel, Holographic (art made by artist)
– Artist prints
– Watercolor art in different sizes
– Bookmarks of artist’s art
– Festival Hats
– Resin Bookmarks
– Resin Keychains
– Resin Ouija Board

Illustrations both fanworks and original character designs. Visit Website

Original and fanart paper prints, vinyl stickers, acrylic charms, buttons, enamel and wooden pins, fabric tote bags, notebooks, lanyards, etc. 

Japanese stationery, toys, mugs, stickers, sockes,bag, earings, necklaces, keychains, washitapes, and stamps. Visit Website

Kato model train and accessories:
– Takara Tomy Tomica diecast toy cars
– TARMAC Works diecast toy cars
– MINI GT diecast toy cars
– INNO64 diecast toy cars
– BANDAI Banpresto annimated character figures

Visit Website

Digital artist who creates pop culture and fandom-based fan artwork and products of obscure and mainstream content. Pop culture acrylic keychains, vinyl stickers, digital art prints, button pins and more.

Freelance artist. Former comic book artist and fantasy illustrator. Former interior comic book colorist for past titles such as Udon Entertainment’s Street Fighter Comics, Marvel’s GI JOE vs Transformers. Visit Website

– 12×18″ Anime & game art poster prints
– 4×6″ Mini prints
– 2″ Acrylic keychains
– Fan-made lanyards
– Mystery bags (themed by anime/game series – containing keychains, miniprints, lanyards)


We specialize in providing exceptional toys and collectible products across multiple categories including vinyl figures, action toys, plush, apparel, Funko, cards, and other toys for everyone. We wish to bring the fun to everyone of all ages.

Comics and board games by Calgarian illustrator Zach Schuster. Visit Website

Zombie Tigress Art features a variety of items all with artwork created by Canadian Illustrator Morghie Flaterud. Visit Website