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The Saskatoon Entertainment Expo is a unique event that brings over 12,000+ people to one location over 2 days. The excitement is building for the 2024 show and will last for months after the event. There are a wide variety of guests and exhibitors with a wide array of products, which will give you plenty to look at over the weekend.

Confirmed volunteer applicants will receive a confirmation email outlining the new process and protocols for 2024.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

We have a number of volunteer positions available. Please read through the options below before applying. This list is subject to change. 

Please note, not all areas start at the same time or are required every day of the event, therefore to maximize your availability you may be scheduled in another area.

Volunteers Areas

Volunteers will assist admission staff with wrist banding at the front entrances.

Volunteers will assist admission supervisor with line-up control and checking hand stamps/ wristbands at hall entrances.  

Volunteers will help in the Creator Guests’ area with various tasks. This shift will only be scheduled for a small (mid-day, 3-4 hours) portion of the day.  You could also be paired up with the cosplay or other volunteers to help maximize a shift.

Volunteers in this area will take tickets and assist with line-ups for each of the celebrity guests.

Volunteers will assist in photo op area. Tasks could include, but are not limited to, managing line-ups and traffic flow and helping Epic Photos collecting tickets and distributing photographs.

Volunteers required to help with the Entertainment Expo Red Carpet. They will be checking-in contestants (who have pre-registered) and then helping marshal each contestant in their respective categories. You could also be paired up with the Expo Theatre volunteers to help maximize a shift.

Our customer service volunteers will work from the Information kiosk. Volunteers provide information about the show and help direct guests. The information kiosk will also host a coat and parcel check as well as wheelchair and wagon rental program. Therefore, some cash handling will be involved.

Volunteers in this area will be helping in the main stage hall with ushering duties as well as maintaining the Superfan and Accessible seating sections. You could also be paired up with the cosplay volunteers to help maximize a shift.

Volunteers will be checking and screening any cosplay costumes and their props. Some guests will have filled out a prop check application, so this will need to be verified and double checked with what actually shows up. Any props not deemed appropriate for the show but will need to be used for the Entertainment Expo Red Carpet event, will need to be checked-in, a shared space with our parcel check.

Volunteer Applications are now closed for the 2024 Entertainment Expo 
For any Saskatoon Entertainment Expo volunteer-related questions, please contact the Signature Events Coordinator via email by clicking here. 
When we are actively seeking volunteers, a Click to Apply button will appear here. 
For any Saskatoon Entertainment Expo volunteer-related questions, please contact the Signature Events Coordinator via email by clicking here. 

Other Volunteer Information

If a minimum number of volunteer hours are reached (throughout all Prairieland events), you will be invited to our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner held in the fall.

A volunteer orientation will be scheduled before the show (Thursday, May 2nd, in the evening). Here you will be able to meet fellow volunteers, get a tour of the building, and receive any other information that could not be sent via email.

Volunteer schedules and confirmations will be sent out starting in the middle of April

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Our applications are currently closed. Watch our social media — we will announce as soon as it’s live!