Apply to Exhibit at Sask Expo

Exhibitor applications for the 2024 Saskatoon Entertainment Expo are now CLOSED! Thank you to all applicants.

To apply to exhibit at the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo, please fill out our online application form. Once we receive your application we will review your information and be in contact. Before applying we recommend you review the information below as well as our policies. It is very important everyone adheres to these to make the expo the best experience possible for all of our attendees! We look forward to seeing you at the Saskatoon Entertainment Expo!

Why Exhibit at The Expo?

The Saskatoon Entertainment Expo is a large scale pop culture showcase. The excitement is building as expo newcomers along with expo veterans prepare to descend upon the World Trade Center at Prairieland Park for this marquee event.

The Saskatoon Entertainment Expo is an excellent, and cost effective way, to engage customers in a concentrated area: customers who precisely fit your demographic. It brings a wide variety of people and exhibitors with a wide range of products, which means you can also reach new consumers while staying in touch with your current buyers. If you want to tap into the pop culture crowd, this is the place to do it!

I've Decided to Exhibit - Now What?

Consider what size of booth space will best suit your needs i.e.: 10ft x 10ft (As a corner? Or inline?), 20ft x 20ft, 10ft x 40ft, etc.

You will receive an email after submission of your application.  Once your application has been approved, an invoice will be sent.  Upon full payment, you are confirmed in the show.

Order forms for Additional Electrical, Internet (Hardline) and Booth Extras will be available to approved exhibitors through an exhibitor portal. 

Move-In/Move-Out information will be available via the exhibitor portal. If you require forklift services and a dock time, please contact us at

You will be required to check in on-site for setup and to receive your badges.

Who Should Exhibit?

If you’re a comic book retailer, an artist, an author, a toy manufacturer, a clothing or accessories store, a movie studio, a comic, magazine or book publisher, a video game developer, a costume shop, an anime/ manga company, a trading card company, or if you have something you’d love for a lot of people to see, this is the place to show it off.

Please Note:

Exhibitors in Artist Alley are only permitted 2 people at the table at any one time and are only allowed to display and sell their own work. For custom booth configurations and inquiries about premium booths, contact